Jasmin Ramsey is the deputy director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran, which she joined in January 2016. Prior to joining the Center, where she initially served as communications director, Jasmin worked as a Washington-based journalist, and from 2012-16 served as the deputy bureau chief of Inter Press Service, an international news wire service. At IPS she co-founded the award-winning U.S. foreign policy blog, Lobe Log and during her leadership as managing editor, Lobe Log became the first blog to receive the Arthur Ross Award for Distinguished Reporting and Analysis of Foreign Affairs from the American Academy of Diplomacy. Known as an important source of news and commentary for U.S.-Iran relations during the Obama years, it was also listed as a must-read site on U.S.-Iran relations by prominent news sites including the Economist. Jasmin has also led communications and PR for prominent personalities and various organizations.